His first commercially published book was non-fiction (a travel guide) and since then his non- fiction works have received the widest circulation (and availability). Gary Green's account of how he marketed Donald Trump, his Nine Postulates of Propaganda, his guide through e-commerce, and his depiction of casino life (Gambling Man) are just samplings of his book-length non-fiction works. A complete sampling of Gary's writings is a difficult thing to compile, partly because he has been so prolific, but more because there is such a variety of content. For this list we chose a few representational pieces of non-fiction which are all available at Amazon and other fine booksellers.

Osceola’s Revenge. The Phenomena of Indian Casinos

Gary has spent a large part of his adult life in Indian Country; beginning at the February 1973 Siege of Wounded Knee and in  the next 15 years in sovereignty struggles until the passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and well into the 21st century. This is the only authoritative exploration of these governmental enterprises; written by a genuine insider: the casino “guru” who has finances, develops, operates, manages, and markets Indian casinos all over the country. With unprecedented access to and cooperation from Tribes, the casinos, the staffs, the regulators, the lawyers, and the financiers, Gary provides insider information, clear explanations, participation from Tribal officials, and authoritative revelation. The book is presented in story progression form of how Indian casinos collectively generated more revenue last year than Microsoft and Google combined. New in 2017 from Brick Tower Press.

Gambling Man

Gary Green's GAMBLING MAN is a detailed visit inside the world of casino gambling's most colorful and controversial modern day casino boss. Advice, lessons, history, and wisdom for casino players, operators, vendors, owners, employees, analysts, and investors... Gambling Man takes the reader on a narrative story that is part adventure, part history, part textbook, part “insider”, and all entertaining as well as enlightening.

Marketing Donald Trump

As Vice President of Marketing for Donald Trump, Gary Green had not only unique insight to how the Trump brand was created and marketed but he was one of its craftsmen and architects... even down to the periphery of the first season of The Apprentice on NBC. In this book, Gary wrote, "I ended up marketing an icon: Marketing Donald Trump. This is a detailed guide of how I marketed Trump, what he made as a result of that marketing, and how you can use the same methodology to market anything."

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain; Navigating the

Information Yellow Brick Superhighway

With more than 5% of all e-commerce on the planet using Gary Green's methodologies (and software), this early guide for Internet 1.0 entrepreneurs outlined the blueprint that Gary Green used to convince Microsoft, AOL, Nordstrom, and more than 200 other leading companies to adopt and buy his methodologies.
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Non-Fiction Writing of Gary Green.

Beginning his writing career as a journalist, it is natural that many of

Gary Green's published (and non-published) works would be non-fiction

(despite his legendary Folkways Records recording for the Smithsonian


Most of Gary’s books, albums, and more are available from Amazon and other fine book sellers.

Non-fiction other than books

In 1993, Gary joined with his father in southern tourist-mecca Myrtle Beach South Carolina to convert his father’s 900-circulation retirement-community newsletter to a slick, glossy four-color tourism magazine. By 1994 their Murrells Inlet & the South Strand Magazine had a circulation of more than 250,000 copies and was distributed in the State’s official Welcome Centers, most Myrtle Beach hotel rooms, and tourism racks throughout the South. Gary wrote the majority of the articles and edited the magazine, which in terms of annual circulation made it one of the 15 largest magazines in the United States. Gary had previously edited and written columns for: the 125,000-circulation  magazine, “The Legal Reformer” for a Washington DC based non-profit legal organization; a 45,000-circulation labor magazine, “The Public Employee”; a three- issue stint as a guest editor of historic Broadside Magazine, the folk music journal; and several daily and weekly newspapers.  CLICK HERE to learn more about his journalism career>>